Dive106 UWS

This space has been a neighborhood bar probably longer than most of us have been alive. Back in the ‘70s it was still a place called Fells, where Tommy Fell ran the bar at night while his 85-year-old mother Agnes ruled it during the day. When Agnes died and Tommy retired in the ‘80s, it became Knight Deposit (which was the first gay bar in the area), then Night Café, then Amsterdam Tavern.

And as of Spring 2018, it’s Dive 106.

From the restored original tin ceilings to the renovated kitchen, new menu and all-new staff, we are enormously proud of this addition to the Dive Bar Family. Come in for a great selection of spirits and microbrews, as well as our weekly cocktail specials. Watch the game while enjoying great food and snacks, like our spicy Cajun IPA boiled peanuts. Say hi to our friendly wait staff, good guy bartender Bill E., and bartenders/managers/co-owners Howie Kaye and Nick Seinfeld, who also creates the cocktail list and beer menu. And in a raise of a glass to local history and tradition, you can enjoy your food & drinks at a table made from the door we rescued from the late, great The Abbey Pub.

When you support local business, you’re supporting a dream. Welcome to Dive 106, where the dream is alive and better than ever.